Thomas A. Robinson National Stadium – Nassau, The Bahamas

Thomas A. Robinson National StadiumIt’s been a long winter this year in Minnesota.  Yes, the sun is shining today, but the temperature is still only 21, and almost a foot of snow remains on the ground, with more possibly coming this week.  We are all getting sick and tired of winter here!!!  I think it’s time for some tracks in the tropics to help get rid of some winter blues.  So the region of choice next is the Caribbean.  I was in The Bahamas a few years ago, and just loved it, so that’s where we will start.  In fact, I wish I was there now.

The track today is located inside Thomas A. Robinson National Stadium.  This new stadium was still being built when I was there, and opened in 2011.  It has a seating capacity of 23,000 people.  There is a second warm-up track located just outside the stadium as well.  Being a quarter-miler myself, I have been extremely impressed with the talent that is coming from The Bahamas lately in that event.

Google Map Link


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