Somhlolo National Stadium – Lobamba, Swaziland

Somhlolo National StadiumIt’s another small country today that’s almost completely surrounded by South Africa.  The track of the day is found in Swaziland, and is inside Somholo National Stadium.  The stadium was built in 1968, but must have had a fairly recent renovation.  The track surface looks new, and the infield is now artificial turf.  After doing a little research, I happened to come across a unique problem that they have had here, particularly with the turf and some soccer players.  Apparently a few years ago, superstitious soccer players started cutting or burning holes in the artificial turf, in order to bury muti or good luck charms in the field.  It became an especially bad near the goals and at the center of the field.  You can read more on the on the BBS website.  I wonder if the same thing was done by track athletes?  I wonder if it worked???

Google Map Link

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