The Sports Deck – San Diego, CA

The Sports DeckIt’s a snowy Sunday morning for me, so I’m going with a track in sunny San Diego, California today.  The Sports Deck is the home facility of the Aztecs of San Diego State University, and as it turns out, one of the more unique tracks that I have come across.  When I first saw the name “The Sports Deck”, I thought is seemed a little odd, and upon seeing the Google satellite image, it appeared to be your standard track set-up.  As it turns out, it’s called The Sports Deck for a very good reason – it’s an actual deck!  This track (with  a grass infield/soccer field) is built on top of a giant parking ramp, making it an ingenious use of space.  Two thumbs up from me to the architects for thinking outside the box on this one.  Maybe thinking on top of the box is more appropriate for this facility.  This is definitely a good track for my 200th posting.  Now to figure out how to clear a lane on my own track so I can get my workouts in this week.  400m of snow shoveling is a lot of work!

Google Map Link

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