Stadion Evžena Rošického – Prague, Czech Republic

Earlier this week, I featured several track stadiums that are the largest in the world.  In my research, I happened to stumble across this one in Prague.  Stadion Evžena Rošického, a.k.a. Strahovis an old stadium that opened in 1935, and has a seating capacity of just under 20,000.  It is a multi-use facility with a track, but is mainly used for soccer, on a limited and local basis.

On the west side of the stadium, there is another track.  But its neighbor to the east is how I happened to find this track.  Right next to this stadium is the Great Strahov Stadium.  When talking about gigantic stadiums, this the biggest (in size) of them all, but it no longer hosts sporting events.  It is now used as a training facility and hosts concerts.  Its concert capacity is an incredible 240,000 people, making it the second largest sports venue behind the Indianapolis Speedway.  And yes you are seeing that correctly.  There are eight soccer field located inside the Great Strahov!

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