Estadio Centenario Manuel Rivera Sanchez – Chimbote, Peru

It has when very interesting researching tracks and stadiums in South America.  And while moving to Peru for today’s track, I started to notice some trends among certain countries.  We all know that all South American countries are crazy about soccer, and most of the stadiums on the continent are soccer stadiums.  As it turns out some countries are very supportive of track and field, while others are not so much.  Peru is one of the countries that is very supportive of the sport.  There are 20 soccer stadiums in Peru that hold over 20,000 spectators.  Over half of those stadium (12 to be exact) also have tracks inside them.  Compare that to Uruguay for example, who has one track in their largest 20 stadiums.  Or Paraguay with no tracks in any of their seven 10,000+ capacity stadiums .

So today it’s Estadio Centenario Manuel Rivera Sanchez that I picked for no other reason than I liked the red and yellow lanes of the track.  But there are many really nice looking tracks in Peru, that I will be posting in the future.

Google Map Link

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