Preston High School Track – Preston, ID

The other night when I was driving home, I was listening to an ’80’s station when “Forever Young” by Alphaville came on.  While I don’t really remember this song when it came out, the one thought that immediately pops into my head every time I hear this tune is Napoleon Dynamite and the prom scene.  So of course the question I then ask myself is “I wonder if Napoleon’s high school had a track?” because I don’t remember seeing one in the movie.  So after doing a little research, I have today’s track pic – the track at Preston High School in Preston, ID, the town where the entire movie was filmed.  It actually looks like a pretty nice track, especially for a community with a population of just over 5,000.  Since we now know that there was indeed a track, it begs the obvious questions, “Was Napoleon on the track team, and if so, what events did he do?”  For no logical reason, I going with the intermediate hurdles or the 800.

Bing Maps Link


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