Rock Norman Track & Field Complex – Clemson, SC

I’m starting to get down to the end of the Team USA college tracks.  Today it’s our final long jumper, George Kitchens.  In London, he unfortunately had a poor showing, scratching on his first two attempts.  He got a mark on his third jump, well short of his Olympic Trials distance and he failed to advance.  In College, Kitchens competed for the Clemson Tigers, and the Rock Norman Track & Field Complex is their facility that was resurfaced and upgraded in 2009.  A couple of interesting things to note about this track.  It is one of the few to have ten lanes (most have eight or nine).  And the water barrier for the steeplechase in located outside the main lanes, rather than on the inside.  I haven’t researched this, but I’m sure they get pretty fast times here because of that.  This looks like a very nice set-up.

And in addition to Kitchens, there were four other Tigers in London this summer:

Patricia Mamona – Portugal – Long Jump

Cydonie Mothersill – Cayman Islands – 200m (*this is her 4th Olympic Games!)

Warren Fraser – Bahamas – 100m

Marlena Wesh –  Haiti – 200m & 400m

Google Map Link


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