Roy P. Drachman Stadium – Tucson, AZ

Out West today to the University of Arizona, and  Roy P. Drachman Stadium.  It looks like your standard red track, but the blue runways make this one different from all the rest.  Since the Wildcat colors are blue and red, this is a nice touch.  Three Team USA members came from this track.  Silver medalist high jumper Brigetta Barrett is a current Wildcat, and will be a senior at Arizona this year.  The same for Georganne Moline, a finalist in the 400m hurdles in London (and 5th place finisher).  Arizona alum, and 4-time Olympian, Abdi Abdirahman ran the marathon but was unable to finish due to a knee injury.  This looks like a nice facility, but I was surprised to see its location so far off campus.

Google Map Link

Arizona Wildcat Track & Field


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