Olympic Stadium – London, UK

Finally!  Today’s the day!  We get track & field at last.  Finals right off the bat today with the men’s shot put and women’s 10,000.  For today, I’m posting the Olympic Stadium again, but in these photos we get to see the warm-up track as well.  I thought it was really interesting to see the entire set-up, and how the athletes get from the warm-up area into the stadium.  Let’s go Team USA!!!!!

Google Map Link

Today’s Track & field Schedule

Tomorrow’s Schedule


2 thoughts on “Olympic Stadium – London, UK

  1. Hello, I am one of the blogger writing the article about the Olympism and the Wembley stadium is one that reflects the sustainability, which is also the part of the Olympism. Therefore, it would be very grateful if you give me a permission to use the photo in the article to explain about the stadium, I will wait for you comment thank you.

  2. Hi Scott. I do not own the two photos that I used in this post. They were found via a Google image search. I usually reference where I find photos for my blog, but for some reason did not include them on this one. Sorry.

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