Ferguson Field – Ashland, OH

There is an interesting coincidence with today’s track at Ashland University, in Ashland, OH.  This is, and is not, the college home track of two of Team USA’s three hammer throwers.  Let me explain.  Kibwe Johnson, the national champ in the hammer, threw here in college, but not actually at this track location.  The track at Ferguson Field is brand new.  So new in fact, that most mapping services don’t even show it yet.  Bing was the only one I could find, so that’s my source today rather than Google.  Since the track is new, Johnson threw at their old facility and not this one.

Now here is the coincidence that I found in doing my research today.  A.G. Kruger, who just qualified for his third Olympic team in the hammer also, just happens to be the strength & conditioning coach at Ashland.  So this would make Ferguson Field his current home track, where he trains.   Kruger however, attended college at Morningside College in Souix City, IA.

Google Map Link

Ferguson Field

Ashland University Track & Field

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